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Business in Høje-Taastrup Municipality

The best business climate in the Capital Region

The Confederation of Danish Industry publishes an annual report measuring the business climate in all municipalities in Denmark. In 2017, Høje-Taastrup was ranked the 5th best in the country and 1st in the Capital Region.




Mayor Michael Ziegler welcomes you

Mayor Michael Ziegler, Høje-Taastrup MunicipalityOur business community is a key element of our DNA. Business and commerce are the engine that drives us, and it must be easy and attractive to do business here. We have seen many successes in recent years, and this is set to continue. We have gained 8,000 new jobs, and for several years we have been named the best municipality for business in the Capital Region. We have successfully introduced one single point of contract for companies’ dialogue with the municipality. This all helps to support our business community, ensuring the very best local conditions. Growth is not just something we talk about.